Dining Room

The panelling, flooring and door were treated with stain, shellac and beeswax to create the look of a well-used Tudor interior.

The master of the house has left his clay pipe on the hearth.  The dining room demonstrates a keen eye for detail.  There is even a small 'churchwarden' clay pipe resting on the hearth and soot creeping up the chimney breast.  It creates an authentic Tudor look - far away from a modern flatshare or luxury flat!  It is all perfect for a doll's feast.

The Fireplace

The chimney breast was built from thin balsa on a pine frame, coated with polyfilla, painted, and then smoked with a lighted candle.

The mantel was a piece of pine gouged and textured with a miniature craft drill, then stained and polished. The hearth was made from modelling clay treated with the drill in the same way as the mantel.